Why Handmade Unique Designer Jewelry from Israel so Popular?

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Published: 29th June 2012
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Israel is famous for handmade unique designer fashion jewelery. Each collection of handmade jewelry, are made by talented experienced designers. The designers give special care and attention to each piece of jewelry. Some unique designs are done by Israeli artists and they consider such pieces as treasure. Such handmade jewelry is given as a special gift for an occasion such as marriages. Some designs are among finest in the world. Most of the jewelries are made of gold, silver, precious stones, glass beads and Swarovski crystals. The designers are inspired by the nature and tradition of Israel and they create jewelry with a modern look. Each piece is created with quality care and imaginations.

Fine handcrafted jeweler, are made slowly step by step mostly by hand. The designers do the work carefully. Such pieces would be a perfect combination of quality, uniqueness and care. Most Israeli women’s feel like a goddess while wearing such handcrafted jewelry pieces. Nicol Gold is a fine handcrafted jewelry brand with unique designs of bracelets, ring, necklace and earrings. They use fine material with special color, shape and texture for creating gemstone jewelry. The designers make ornament with elegant touch. Spiritual jewelry is also available of this brand. There is greater demand for such handmade ornaments in Israel and some of the designs are exclusively available in branded shops. There are some people who wear this jewelry for good health.

Most designers design jewelry according to Israeli culture and tradition. Due to rise of popularity cheap and low quality ornaments are also available in the market. Most of these pieces are not made in Israel and they let down the value of such handcrafted jewelry. Best materials are used to make such ornaments. A unique piece will enhance your personality. There are original Israeli artist who show off their special artwork by making such ornaments. You should have some pieces of such ornament in your jewelry collection to make it complete. The names are given to such pieces according to the design. Some people believe such jewelry brings good luck to home. The symbol of good luck, Hamsa are made of Swarovski crystals and glass beads. The Hamsa jewelry can also be used as a wall hanging. There is something available for every ones taste and the authentic look gives a special feel to such jewelry. If you are planning to visit Israel then doesn’t forget to buy at least a piece of handmade jewelry for your family and friends.

It is difficult to compare any other piece of jewelry with a handcrafted Israeli one. No doubt you can feel proud by holding a unique piece of Israeli ornament in your hand.

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My name is Nicol, and I am the jewelry designer at Nicol Gold Fine Handcrafted Jewelry. For the past 7 years, I have been designing, making and selling the beauty of handcrafted designer jewelry and traditional fine handcrafted jewelry to various stores in California. In 2011, I opened an online store so that I could share my jewelry with the world. My eclectic family background, with roots originating in the Balkans, Central Asia, Israel and Italy, provides a special source of insight in my art, and infuses my creations with a unique ethnic character. I now live in Israel, a diverse and vibrant place that never ceases to inspire my work. Using semi-precious stones, pearls, gold-filled elements and more, each design is carefully handcrafted in a soulful style, creating a bold look for men and women alike.

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